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We’re pleased to bring you The Pork Barrel.

When we posted earlier this week on nwk tumblr that Newsweek basically had a “stack of spending-request letters between these GOP members and federal agencies stands more than a foot tall,” shortformblog was all, “Create a Tumblr called It would be awesome.”

It’s a great idea. 

So let’s do it. 

Starting today you’ll find a handful of letters sent from politicians seeking funding or federal support for their local projects (ie. pork). Some were on the site on Monday. Others have yet to see the light of day. We’ll keep posting these scans, at least once a day, until the trough has run dry. We encourage you to read closely, and if you live near one of these projects, let us how things turned out. 

We can be reached at Tips, local news reports, and additional spending-request letters are most certainly welcome.

Presenting the newest member of the nwk tumblr family: The Pork Barrel

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